(Plant Extracts by Ultrasounds and Floral Waters)

The Charm of Nature

Nowadays, natural and natural derived ingredients have an increasingly important role in the production of modern and sustainable personal care and cosmetics formulations.

Plant extracts and floral waters are widely used, key ingredients in several industrial sectors such as cosmetics and personal care, pharmaceutical, food, etc.

We have been producing plant extracts and floral waters for more than 15 years, marketed worldwide with the renowned brand MEDXTRACT.

With our state-of-the-art method of extraction by ultrasounds, we provide our customers with outstanding products meeting the highest standard of quality.

The extraction by ultra sounds is an exclusive physical system that offers important advantages in comparison with traditional systems.

The dehydrated vegetable materials, placed in solvent to rehydrate, absorb more quickly and a larger quantity if subject to ultrasounds. The fast transfer of energy created by ultrasounds, in fact, produces accelerated flows of solvent (ultrasounds jet), that can enter tissues more easily.

The generated pressure waves generate cavitation bubbles, that are microscopical zones of fluid where the concentration of energy induces an explosive compression and decompression. At the same time, we can observe the modification of cells structure that normally resists to the loss of cytoplasmic material. Cell walls and middle lamellas exposed to ultrasounds are partially reduced to small fragments and the transfer of organic cellular substances to solvent is greatly facilitated.

The entire extraction is carried out at room temperature (25 °C), thus avoiding the modification and/or degradation of thermolabile actives (essential oils, vitamins, etc.) and the caramelization of sugars.

Thanks to its terrific efficacy and the safeguard of actives, the ultrasounds assisted extraction guarantees the best qualitative and quantitative degree.




Our Medxtract do not consist of, do not  contain and are not produced from Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs).

Our floral waters are produced by steam-distillation under vacuum. All aromatic fractions are present in water after condensation.

Floral waters are completely water soluble, well tolerated by skin and mucous membranes and can be applied alone or replace water partially or entirely in any water-based formulation.

The range of Medxtract consists of an extensive selection of plant extracts and floral waters, that can be classified in standard and organic grades:

Our organic Medxtract are COSMOS Organic certified by ICEA, an italian leading certifying organization, accredited agent of the NOP as well.

For further information on our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to be of assistance.

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