Carbomer 940

Carbomed 940 EZ is a premium quality Carbomer 940 with superior clarity, thickening and dispersing properties.

Carbomed 940 EZ is a odorless, white, fine, rather hygroscopic powder, that is rapidly dispersible in water: typically, a 15 minutes’ stirring is required to prepare a 0,5% water dispersion.

A water dispersion of Carbomed 940EZ, whose pH is around 3,0, once neutralized by an organic or inorganic base, turns into crystal clear gels with outstanding spreadability and skin feel. Thick gels are achieved from pH as low as 5,0 but viscosity increases up to pH 7.4, allowing formulators to select the most appropriate pH.

The clarity and exceptional texture of gels with Carbomed 940 EZ are not affected by high concentrations of polar solvents, such as 60 vol % ethanol.

In addition to gels, Carbomed 940 EZ is widely used as thickener and suspending agent in shampoos and other surfactant systems, as well as a stabilizer in O/W emulsions, in combination, for instance, with our Olivatis® 18 or Olivatis® 20. At 0,1-0,3%, Carbomed 940 EZ stabilize emulsions effectively, thus reducing the required concentration of emulsifiers.

Carbomed 940 EZ is Benzene-free and is absolutely safe for all personal care applications.

Key features at a glance

  • Superior clarity of gels (>92%)
  • Ease of dispersion (15′ stirring)
  • Higher thickening properties (even at pH <6)
    viscosity at 0,5%  > 50.000 mPas at pH 7,0, with NaOH
    > 30.000 mPas at pH 5,5, with NaOH
  • High stabilizing ability of emulsions
  • Absence of benzene

Carbomed 940 EZ

Carbomer 940


Carbomed 940 EZ

Carbomer 940

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